What We Do

Food Industry Foresight continually conducts syndicated studies within the foodservice and convenience markets.

These reports generally cover three principal data and research sections:

  1. Market Size
  2. Market Insights
  3. Market Outlook


All market sizing is based on primary data collection as per AFS Market Sixe Index FIFstatistically correct samples constructed according to market and segment sizes.

Food Industry Foresight has developed proprietary market size models delivering accurate market size data down to product and segment level.  All market size databases are built on data collected in volume with value data based on average prices which can be manipulated by the client.


All market insights information is founded on both qualitative as well as quantitative market data collection.  All findings are analysed in a team approach.

Key report modules include:

  • Overall Market Structure & Characteristics
  • Individual Market Segment Structure & Characteristics
  • Product Category Insights
  • Market Trends & Developments
  • Market Drivers
  • Brand Awareness & Analysis
  • Distribution & Supplier Choice
  • Market Communication


Foodservice market forecasts are grounded in our proprietary forecast models. 

Key parameters include:

  • GDP Forecast
  • Private Consumption Expenditure
  • Tourism Arrivals & Departures
  • Consumer & Business Confidence
  • Government & Private Catering Expenditure
  • Commercial Foodservice Development
  • Institutional Catering.

Food Industry Foresight regularly undertakes privately commissioned data and research projects covering a range of different foodservice areas.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Brand share and market size data
  • Product positioning analysis
  • Specific market and marketing information
  • Market and product opportunities and growth potential
  • Brand reputation and analysis
  • Market analysis of product attributes
  • Market & consumer cluster analysis
  • Choice modelling
  • Total supply and demand of food and beverages nationally and globally
  • Industrial and manufacturing food industry data and information

In undertaking privately commissioned studies, FI Foresight uses their extensive proprietary databases and market size models, their market research expertise and their extensive food industry experience and knowledge to provide a robust basis for clients to make evidence-based decisions.

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FI Foresight’s Foodservice Omnibus is a quantitative private research instrument for suppliers to the Australian Foodservice Market.

The Foodservice Omnibus runs continually eleven months of the year.

The Foodservice Omnibus is able to:

  • Deliver findings and analysis on your specific questions
  • Identify market opportunities for your products & services
  • Highlight competitive threats
  • Define market segmentation for your products & services
  • Track market developments, changing attitudes and product usage.

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Our team of consultants regularly runs internal workshops with clients whether they subscribe to our multi-client reports and/or privately commissioned research projects in order to:

  • Focus on specific areas and topics particularly relevant to client organisation
  • Understand research findings’ implications for client products and organisation
  • Promote discussion and understanding of overall market conditions and outlook.

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FI Foresight is regularly engaged by our clients as consultants in strategy and market development plans.

We base our work on sound market research, develop recommendations and outline strategy in order to provide our clients with a robust basis on which to make evidence-based decisions.

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Our reports provide executives, planners and business developers with an integrated view of prospects in the foodservice market, which can be held with confidence because of the methodology underpinning the research and market forecasts.

The reports can be used by line managers as a source of detailed forecasts of product demand for specific sectors.