Frequently Asked Questions

and Useful Information

The following are common questions directed to Food Industry Foresight. If you have a specific question you need answered, please contact us here.  


Q: How do I find out more information about a report or subscription?

A: The quickest way is to view the relevant section on this site. Click on ‘What we Offer’ on the home page and then select the country or sun category - follow the links. You will be able to download the relevant brochure. Alternatively use the Contact Us page to send us a messahe or call +61 (0)2 8554 5440.


Q: Where do I find the cost of a subscription or report?

A: The Project Manager can provide you with all pricing information.


Q: How can I find out the cost of a privately commissioned research project?

A: For privately commissioned research projects, we will first discuss with you the nature and objectives of your research requirements and develop a brief from which we would develop a costed proposal including research objectives, milestones, timeline and costs. Contact us for an obligation free initial discussion.


Q: How do I order a subscription or report?

 A: Contact us by phone and email and we will make arrangements for your purchase and subsequent online access.


Q: What information do you provide for free?

A: We do not give away free information, reports or parts thereof to anyone, including students. We can provide information about the research, products and services that we provide. Please contact us to discuss your needs.


Q: Do you supply your reports in electronic format?

A: Yes, we provide reports in PDF and attach data files to this website and our reports which can be downloaded by subscribers. Please contact the relevant staff contact person if you have any questions about accessing our database.