Foodservice Market Size 2023

Do you know the total Australian Foodservice market size at wholesale level?

This metric analyses the annualised procurement of food and non-alcoholic beverages by all Australian foodservice operators in 2022.

Overall, the market grew by 28% compared with calendar year 2021. This is clearly visible in the above graph showing a strong upward trend, which is continuing this year.

The various product categories as well as foodservice channels are recovering at quite different rates post-Covid.  We clearly see in this latest data buying behaviours that were adopted by the operators during 2020 and 2021 still persisting during 2022 and so far into 2023.  In the same way, some commercial channels have recovered much faster than others.

Many product categories are, of course, recovering from a very low base with only one product category, Cereals & Breads, exceeding 2019 market size level by 2%. All other product categories are trailing their 2019 levels.  For that reason, we see in the 2022 data quite spectacular and unprecedented growth within certain product categories when compared with 2021 data.  Some examples include Beverages which grew by 94%; Prepared Meals grew by 55% and Cakes & Desserts grew by 45%.

Other product categories, like for example Dairy Products, saw no improvement in overall product category sales in 2022 when compared with 2021 data (- 0.2%), while still trailing 2019 level by minus -25%.  The reason being that foodservice operators continue to procure lower-cost dairy products and also do product substitution. Overall, average wholesale price inflation for Dairy Products between 2021 and 2022 was 8% with individual, average product price increases ranging from just 0.4% up to 38.3% per kilo.

AFS Syndicated Market Size data for 2022, that is annualised procurement by all foodservice operators, is comprehensive, spanning 180 product lines across 12 product categories by Volume, Value and Product Consumption Index (PCI).

August 10, 2023
The various foodservice product categories as well as foodservice channels are recovering at quite different rates post-Covid.