Discover, Analyse, Focus

3 Steps to creating regular foodservice data insights for your business

DISCOVER is the first step in our three-step process. It is designed to support your foodservice strategy, regardless of your situation or objectives. We focus on PEOPLE, PRODUCTS, and the PLAYING FIELD. Our objective is to ensure that your foodservice team has a strong foundation and deep understanding of the structure, nature, and specificities of the foodservice market. As teams evolve and new individuals join from retail or enter the foodservice industry, it is crucial for them to comprehend this dynamic and challenging market. This step guarantees that your entire team possesses a comprehensive understanding of the market’s current structure, behavior, and characteristics. Take the first step with our DISCOVERY WORKSHOP.

COLLATE, COMPREHEND, CONCLUDE: Once we provide you with selected data and insights, either from our syndicated reports or from your own bespoke research, we help shape evidence-based observations, making sure conclusions are valid. We do this by presenting the research and allowing you to query the consultants that developed them, aiding you to arrive at the most relevant conclusions for your business and situation. This aims to feed into your planning cycle and support decisions on priorities and investment choices.

PRIORITISE – PLAN. Execute your strategy, design and setup reporting to measure and track progress, and assess results to refine your decisions. We offer the expertise to designing comprehensive reporting systems to monitor progress either regularly or ad hoc.