Foodservice Business Leaders Mentoring Group

The majority of companies involved in Foodservice are small to medium businesses or the smaller divisions of larger companies. Research shows that very few have a strategy or any written plan for leadership continuity. Pressure on budgets and limited resources often leads to this being neglected. When this goes on for some time, it inevitably leads to teams of leaders and managers who are not yet ready to take charge when needed.Banner Photo Eventbrite

At our Future in Foodservice events held last year, we received a lot of requests for more information not only about new technology heading our way but also how to keep up to date with what’s happening, better understand our market, how to better interact with, and benefit from the new digital environment. Change is happening so quickly, it is difficult to stay up to date.

With this in mind, Food Industry Foresight together with Craig Rispin, has launched a regular Management Development Group for Foodservice Professionals that meets monthly as a small select group that will gain access to FIF’s Foodservice market insights as well as modern productivity tools and concepts.

This group will be a flexible and informal regular sessions will be led by Food Industry Foresight, Craig Rispin and subject matter experts.