Wednesday 13th October - Foodservice Business Leaders Webinar

Our next Foodservice Business Leaders Webinar is on WEDNESDAY, 13th October, 2021 at 2pm. 

Foodservice Operators are now using online purchasing more and more but is it providing enough value to them? The average operator regularly orders from between 6 and 10 suppliers using different systems or ordering methods. In the post pandemic recovery is there more we can do as an industry to improve efficiency? Click to find out more or regsiter for this event.

Questions for Suppliers

  • How many different codes does your product have in the market?
  • How many different online systems are used to sell your products? Are they all up to date?
  • How do you make sure your products are correctly presented?

Questions for Foodservice Operators

  • Can you easily import all of your orders from all of your suppliers into your own systems to manage you business?
  • Are you getting operational efficiency from online ordering?
  • Or is a multitude of orering systems slowing you down?


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 Updated Online Purchasing In Foodservice