Future in Foodservice at Fine Food

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Save the date: 2pm, Monday, 11th September, 2017 at the International Convention Centre (ICC) in Sydney.

A new event from Food Industry Foresight looking into evolving technologies and digital disruption in the Foodservice Industry.

This seminar takes an exciting look into the future of the Foodservice Industry covering innovation, technology and digital disruption that will, no doubt, have an influence on how we work, what products we provide and our financial success. How do we assess the new technologies such Digital Disruption, Robotics, Synthetic Biology, AI, Sensors and Networks, IoT, 3D Food Printing and Nanomaterials approaching at exponential speed?

Featuring keynote speaker: Craig Rispin, Business Futurist, and Sissel Rosengren, Managing Director of Food Industry Foresight speaking on the current market outlook and trends.

Future In Foodservice

Enjoy an educational and stimulating seminar at the Fine Food Exhibition.

Tickets on sale now only through Eventbrite.


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