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July 2016
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New Report - Social Media in Foodservice
Coffee & Beverages 2015 reveals some big changes
Research Data Can Be the Missing Piece in a Puzzle
Latest Report Updates

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New Report - Social Media in Foodservice


FOODSERVICE OPERATORS are certainly conversant with social media platforms, but how much use do they make of them to interact with suppliers or manufacturers?


Our Social Media report looks at this and other pertinent questions.



Coffee & Beverages 2015 reveals some big changes


NEW TRENDS have appeared in updated tracking research for the Coffee and Beverage Markets. Consumption in both volume and value terms has fallen by approximately 3% between the last two years and there has been a 30% decline in away from home consumption of some beverages! Our recently published Coffee & Beverages Report Series gives more background.



Research Data Can Be the Missing Piece in a Puzzle


DAVID FERREIRA, Marketing Manager at Bob & Pete's 100% Yum, tells why he is a longstanding user of the research data provided by FI Foresight MD Sissel Rosengren and her expert team.

"THE FI FORESIGHT RESEARCH confirmed our beliefs around market growth and showed us we were on the right track. What they offer is the bigger picture, which in our case married up with what we were seeing. Their data is like a missing piece in a puzzle."



Latest Report Updates


Recent publications include:

  • Six Coffee & Beverages Reports covering Coffee or Beverages At Home, At Work and Away From Home.

  • Australian Foodservice - updates include not only the usual Market Trends and Outlook reports, but also Market size databases for all product categories and a new Social Media in Foodservice Report.

  • Foodservice Equipment Reports covering Market Size, Brand Selection, Service and Maintenance, and Financing.


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New Brand Watch for Australian Foodservice

Look for information regarding our new Brand Watch service coming soon.


FI Foresight Invests in New Data Modelling Platform

FI FORESIGHT IS making a major investment in a new data modelling platform, which gives us the capability to analyse and view data correlations faster than ever before. In practical terms this means we will be able to process larger volumes of more complex data.

Modelling the foodservice market in this way gives us the ability to take your business’ data and overlay it, structuring it so you can better understand your own market penetration and positioning.