A Chefs view on our new Dining Out in Australia Report

January 2019

Food Industry Foresight are world leaders in trends and insights focusing on the hospitality sector, and that’s why I’m extremely excited to write about this great industry report, Dining Out in Australia.Adam _ (1) (Small)

Chefs and the industry are always looking for a crystal ball answer on the latest trends to make sure they are ahead of the game. That’s what the Dining Out in Australia report is about. It gives you tools that help you analyse and ensures you keep on pulse of the ever-evolving dining scene and giving inspiration and credibility to you or your restaurant’s philosophy. Dining Out in Australia also helps strategise new ways to lead innovation in a structured way, allowing your business to grow.

Most importantly, this report allows us to translate trends and insights into exciting solutions for your customers and your business. The 2018 Dining Out in Australia offers a look at dining behaviour and habits across the industry in a factual way. This report reflects our unique point of view in the hospitality industry, drawing on world benchmark expertise of the Food Industry Foresight team, engaging culinary influencers and decision makers as well as learning from trusted industry partners.

Dining Out in Australia highlights in a factual easy-to-read manner subjects like what day of the week is most popular to dine or the meal occasions and average spends on food and beverage,  popular cuisine preferences, who uses the Internet with their dining choices, and the most contested subject in a kitchen, dietary requirements and the most common allergies. It doesn’t just stop there, it gives insights for culinary inspiration and innovation.

As a chef, I’m excited to be able to give you a trusted report with the data to enable or start conversations for future inspirations in your business as I believe that today’s Australian food and dining scene is truly extraordinary.

I look forward to hearing of your future success with this benchmark report Dining Out in Australia and the discussions around the kitchen.

Culinary Regards

Adam Moore 

Adam Moore 

Corporate Executive Chef