Foodservice Annual Trend report

May 2019

The inaugural Food Industry Foresight ANNUAL TREND REPORT is now available, providing an unparalleled insight into what's trending across Australia's foodservice market.

Top -Trends

"Australians have made eating out a way of life - in fact, we have one of the highest propensities to eat out among Western nations," says FI Foresight Managing Director Sissel Rosengren. 

"In November 2018, 77 per cent of all Australians aged 14 years and over ate out on a regular basis, that is, at least once per month." 

As a consequence, our foodservice market is constantly evolving with new outlets, menu, signature dishes and food and beverage concepts.

More than 8 billion meals are served in the market every year.
 But the last decade has been a bumpy ride for Australian Foodservice - with the market experiencing more volatility than ever before. In 2017we saw a cautious return to volume growth in procurement of food and non-alcoholic beverages, but value growth was still negative. However, in 2018, the overall commercial market size saw a healthy value growth, though volume growth remained modest.  


The Trend Report examines the reasons for this and outlines the State of Play as we move further into 2019. 

It also identifies ten current and emerging trends and examines them in detail, across such diverse areas as foodservice equipment, procurement, marketing, growing meal opportunities, and more.  

The report includes product category sizes and growth potential across 11 core categories, and tracks volume and value market sizes over the past six years. 

And it includes FI Foresight’s FSCI (FoodService Confidence Index) across both foodservice operators and suppliers. The Annual Trend Report is truly a must-read for foodservice suppliers and operators alike.