BIS Shrapnel sells off Foodservice Arm

October 2014

BIS Foodservice,  part of business  research and  forecasting  company BIS  Shrapnel, has  been sold to a  team headed up  by Sissel  Rosengren  (pictured right),  for many years  the senior    manager - food and beverages for BIS Foodservice, and relaunched as a dedicated market research company, Food Industry Foresight.

"The name may be new, but the team of expert researchers is the same, and we will continue to supply the same studies, capabilities and expert analysis of the foodservice market and other food and beverage markets that we have provided to industry for more than 25 years," said Rosengren.

"The key difference is that from October 1 we will be an independent company entirely dedicated to the food industry, whereas at BIS Shrapnel we were one of several unrelated business units."

Rosengren says the new name was chosen “because ‘foresight’ encompasses all the key elements of our business".

"We research and analyse data, both qualitative and quantitative, to deliver understandings and insights and provide forecasts for the food industry," she said. "The new name encapsulates this breadth of knowledge while also emphasising our exclusive focus on the food industry."

FI Foresight will continue to provide exhaustive research on the state of the Australian, NZ and Southeast Asian foodservice markets, along with the regular tracking studies and reports on coffee and beverages, fast food in Australia, the route trade market, foodservice equipment, ethnic foods, and liquor which have previously been compiled by its team of experts under the BIS Foodservice banner.