Bob & Pete's 100% Yum Rely on FIF Market Research

June 2016

David Ferreira is Marketing Manager at Bob & Pete’s 100% Yum, which makes and distributes more than 400 varieties of fresh-baked pastries, bread, cakes, muffins, pastries and bakery goods for foodservice outlets in Sydney, the Blue Mountains, NSW Central Coast and rural areas. He tells why he’s a longstanding user of the research data provided by FI Foresight’s Sissel Rosengren and her team.

In the two years I’ve been with Bob & Pete’s, I’ve been pleased to introduce the business to FI Foresight and utilise the research reports and data compiled by Sissel and her team.

 My own familiarity with Sissel’s work dates back to 2002, when she was compiling the foodservice reports for BIS Shrapnel and I was working for Dairy Farmers. Then in 2009 when I worked at Sara Lee, we utilised Sissel’s research data to help determine market share and reach for the bakery/desserts side of the business.BOB And Petes

 We were specifically interested in the growth of the institutional foodservice channel, in particular health/aged care, and Sissel’s data proved invaluable in determining where our growth was likely to come from and the budgetary implications around that, so we could make projections accordingly. The research data pertaining to meal trends and institutional business trends was also very helpful.

When I joined Bob & Pete’s I found some of the staff there were already familiar with these reports, so they were very open to utilising FI Foresight’s data to see how it could benefit the business.

 As a supplier predominantly to the café market, we’re specifically looking at reach and market share, but we also had some expansion plans around our range. So we wanted to determine where there’s demand within the market. The FI Foresight data gave us the relative size of each food segment in each business category, enabling us to prioritise which categories are the more attractive to target. This meant we were able to identify areas in which to expand our range.

The FI Foresight research confirmed our beliefs around market growth and showed us we were on the right track. It’s particularly helpful in terms of general trend data pertaining to product category growth, market size and so on – we found that data to be very reliable.

What FI Foresight offers is the bigger picture, which in our case married up with what we were seeing. Their data is like a missing piece in a puzzle that helps you create the full picture.