Monthly Briefings and Networking Opportunity

August 2017

Rod confirms that Craig Rispin, along with other guest speakers and consultants, will be brought in on a regular basis to contribute to relevant discussion topics, but emphasises the scope will be bigger and broader than the ‘impacts of technological change’ theme which was the focus of the seminar.Sissel & Craig

“We will be looking more broadly at what’s going on in our market – it might be how to better use social media as a marketing tool, trends within a certain product category, or an overview of our most recent Economic Outlook report for a sector within the industry.”

Regular users of FI Foresight’s services will already be familiar with our extensive market analyses delivered as written reports. The around table concept aims to complement these by delivering the same kind of indepth analysis in a personalised, interactive presentation format with opportunity to ask questions and discuss.

“We’ll get together over coffee and refreshments and have a set agenda plus the opportunity for free format discussion, and the plan is to present a component from our research, cycling through key aspects and then some indepth discussion around it, along with regular new topics,” Rod says.

The initial session will be held early this month to introduce the series, with further catch-ups to be held approximately every four weeks. “We’re looking for food industry professionals to put their hands up to participate,” Rod confirms.

He says the round tables will be aimed at marketing professionals and management – “product managers, marketing managers or a general manager of a smaller organisation, in fact anyone who wants to develop their marketing understanding and learn more about the food marketplace will find much of benefit.”

After the first free round table this month there will be a nominal charge per month to attend the others, but it’s a comparatively small fee to participate in what is essentially an ongoing executive development program.

Rod emphasises you don’t need to be an existing FI Foresight customer or subscriber to participate. “We encourage people to bring others along, and if you do come along for the first time you’ll get a good sense of what we do and glean some useful insights which you can apply to your business.”

For those companies in the food sector who don’t subscribe to FI Foresight’s full Australian Foodservice Report, the round tables will provide the opportunity to access some of that material in an informal atmosphere and at a much lower cost.

The round tables are the next step in an ongoing program designed to expand FI Foresight’s range of services. “We are finding new ways of getting our information out into the marketplace and making it more accessible to a broader audience,” Rod explains.

“When information is presented face to face, it’s often easier to absorb and apply than if you just read it. Having the opportunity to ask questions and discuss can also bring greater clarity to information. The round tables will give food industry professionals the chance to hear about our marketplace findings and participate in an interactive way for a small monthly fee, and we believe they’ll agree that’s very good value.”


  • Positioning yourself and your company as a thought leader
  • Developing your unique intellectual property
  • Expanding your network with other senior executives
  • Easy-to-use automation tools to leverage your entire company’s time and effectiveness
  • Reducing marketing costs while increasing high-quality leads for your sales team
  • Systems to drive your personal productivity
  • Creating new income streams and launching new products and/or services