Future in Foodservice - Inaugural FI Foresight Seminar Set for 2017

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If you’re in Sydney, mark the date of 3 April 2017 on your calendar right now – because that’s when the inaugural Future in Foodservice seminar is set to be held!

The first in a planned series of regular annual events, the half-day event theme will be ‘Future in Foodservice’.

As the name suggests, the seminar will be taking an indepth look at the future, with renowned business futurist and innovation expert Craig Rispin confirmed as the keynote speaker (you can find out more about Craig at www.futuretrendsgroup.com.) Craig’s multimedia presentation will present a futurist view of the foodservice industry with insightful forecasts that will challenge your expectations and preconceptions alike.

FI Foresight Director Rod Fowler will be your MC for the seminar, which will look at how foodservice companies can profit from emerging trends in business, people and technology – everything from logistics and DNA testing to driverless deliveries and digital disruption; in short all of the things happening in the technical sphere that influence the way we work, live, manufacture and consume food.

Limited seats will be available for this must-attend event, so book early to avoid disappointment! Bookings made through Eventbrite.

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