New Dining Out Data Report - Preview

December 2018

Available to be ordered now with availability in January 2019 – the 2018 Dining Out Data Report  is a national survey of more than 1,200 foodservice consumers which tracks and analyses changing consumer preferences and eating out habits.

Dining Out Data 2018 (1)

Published bi-annually, the Dining Out Data Report provides a plethora of informative data analysed across key demographics including gender, age groups from 14 years up, income level and state by state location.

It looks at the types of cuisines preferred by consumers, the average number of courses consumed when dining out, and tracks the evolving influence of dietary considerations.

Use of digital media in choosing dining venues and digital platforms/websites of choice have also been surveyed and tracked. 

The report also provides valuable insights into: 

  • Percentage of population eating out on a regular basis
  • Frequency of eating out
  • Most popular foodservice venues/outlets
  • Most popular days of the week/meal occasions
  • Average food spend when dining out
  • Average non-alcoholic beverage spend
  • Average alcoholic beverage spend

You can order your copy of the Dining Out Data Report from FI Foresight today.