New Foodservice Confidence Index

April 2018


In a first for the Australian foodservice industry, FI Foresight will be conducting and publishing an Australian Foodservice Confidence Index (FSCI) on a quarterly basis.

The principle behind the FSCI is the same as that of the consumer confidence indexes produced by the financial sector. Each quarter, our specialist researchers will conduct a survey of foodservice industry suppliers and operators, designed to provide insights into the level of optimism with which they regard the current state of the industry. 

Responses from surveyed participants will be rated on a scale of 1 to 10 and this data will be presented in a ‘grasp at a glance’ graphic format in the form of a barometer icon. This will allow foodservice suppliers and operators alike to ascertain where the industry confidence level is currently sitting on the low, medium or high spectrum of the barometer.

CI - Suppliers 2017  CI Restaurants 2017
 CI - QSR Independents 2017  CI - QSR Chains 2017

“The FSCI has been designed as a helpful industry guide and is the latest innovation from FI Foresight in our ongoing efforts to provide not only comprehensive data, but also easily accessible insights into the state of the Australian foodservice industry,” says FI Foresight director Rod Fowler.

Each FSCI will report on the industry’s confidence levels broken down across eight key foodservice operator categories of restaurants, cafes, function caterers, QSR chains, QSR independents, hotels/motels, pubs/taverns and clubs, plus an overall confidence rating from foodservice suppliers.

“FI Foresight conducts exhaustive research to build up a comprehensive picture of the current composition of the ever-evolving foodservice industry, and each quarter the FSCI will provide a useful snapshot of how optimistic operators are feeling across its key market sectors, as well as an overview of supplier confidence - all presented in a simple to interpret graphic format.”

The FSCI will be available each quarter from FI Foresight and will be included in future newsletters.