New Foodservice Networking Opportunity

April 2018

If you’re looking to stay abreast of the latest food market insights, analysis and information, there’s a way of doing so which is low-cost, informal, friendly and personal … and that’s by attending FI Foresight’s monthly Foodservice Business Leaders Mentoring Group.

Attendance is open to all interested food industry professionals and not only does the Mentoring Group give you the opportunity to glean valuable information from our latest market research reports – it’s also the ideal occasion to informally network with others in your industry and share insights. Banner Photo Eventbrite

Your first Mentoring Group session is completely free and you are welcome to bring interested work colleagues along. Once you’ve experienced the value of attending, you can then register for future sessions. Attendance is totally flexible – you can share your session with a work colleague, or send someone else in your place should you be unable to attend, and of course you are free to cancel at any time.

Meetings are held monthly in North Sydney and led by Managing Director Sissel Rosengren, Director Rod Fowler and futurist Craig Rispin. Sessions so far have featured nuggets from our current market research as well as topical discussions on food market developments. “One session we might talk about the rising numbers of foodservice outlets across particular channels, another we might pull out figures from our latest Coffee and Beverage report,” Rod Fowler says. Recent topical discussions have covered areas as diverse as digital security innovations and the largely untapped potential of social media as a foodservice marketing tool.

“The Mentoring Group is a way of delivering the indepth analysis FI Foresight is known for, but in a personalised, interactive, informal format with opportunity to discuss and ask questions,” Rod explains.

“We get together over coffee and refreshments and have a set agenda plus the opportunity for free format discussion. It’s a chance to meet regularly with other executives in the industry, have a chat, network and gain some valuable insights along the way.”

FI Foresight’s Mentoring Group meetings are usually held on the first Monday each month and attendees include product managers, marketing managers and general managers – anyone who wants to broaden their knowledge of the Australian food marketplace.

So why not add an entry to your calendar today and make plans to attend your first free session? It’s a great chance to learn about marketplace research and participate in an interactive way with other industry professionals. And if you don’t already subscribe to FI Foresight’s full Australian Foodservice Report, you can gain some valuable insights from that material in an informal atmosphere and a low-entry cost.