New In-Depth Report to Look at Foodservice's Use of Digital Platforms

October 2016

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FOLLOWING ON from our inaugural report on social media completed last year, FI FORESIGHT is pioneering an in-depth report to look at the way the Australian foodservice market is utilising digital media.

“Our research last year made clear there is a lack of in-depth data about the broader use of digital platforms in the Australian market, and that many foodservice suppliers’ are grappling with what is the best way to take advantage of the potential offered by the digital realm,” says FI Foresight Managing Director Sissel Rosengren.

“We have already conducted preliminary research and gone through it with a fine tooth comb, which has led to the decision to broaden the scope of our future studies in terms of the questions we are asking.”

The aim is to build up a fully comprehensive, integrated picture of the current state of play within the digital realm as it pertains to foodservice operators, distributors and manufacturers.

“Social media is kind of the buzzword of the moment and many foodservice marketers are pushing its benefits,” Sissel adds, “but social is just one component within the digital marketing mix. Some people are also conflating ‘social’ media with the broader term ‘digital’ when of course there are distinctions to be made. It’s important not to focus solely on social media and overlook the other avenues that digital offers.” 

The new report is currently being developed, with research to be undertaken in the near future.

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