What data do you need to support your marketing plans?

April 2018

GIVEN THE COMPLEXITY of Australia’s foodservice market, it can be difficult to identify how to make the most of your market research budget. 

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While there are many different reports available from various organisations, some of these provide only superficial analysis or data which is essentially anecdotal. Skewed sampling sizes can also lead to misleading results.

If you’re looking for accurate insights and in-depth analysis, it’s best to consult a specialist. For the food industry, that means coming to us at FI Foresight, where we take the business of market research seriously.

We have spent many years building up an accurate picture of Australia’s foodservice market composition and we understand how it has changed over time. We use statistical science to ensure we create appropriate samples for our data – not only in terms of size, but in identifying an accurate representation of the market channels we’re studying.

And we’re committed to making it easy for you to choose the research options which best suit your requirements from the full range of services we offer. One way to do this is to download our new Research Planner.

This useful tool has been designed to facilitate forward planning - making it easier to budget across reporting periods by ensuring that necessary market research is earmarked well in advance of requirements.

“Ideally we encourage our clients to consider their market research needs within a two-year timeframe,” says FI Foresight Director Rod Fowler.

“One of the key benefits of this kind of advance planning is that it provides you with comparative data.

“For example, a single report on a particular market channel – while it may certainly include predictive analysis and project future trends – at its core provides an indepth snapshot of a particular moment in time.

“Comparing this with a report on the same channel conducted at a later date, say 12 months down the road, will allow you to track changes and see the trajectory of trends, while also weighing up how accurate the predictions made in the previous report turned out to be.”

It’s for this reason that FI Foresight’s flagship Australian Foodservice Report is made available as a two year subscription – we want to ensure our readers have that basis for comparison.

“We would encourage all our clients to identify their market research needs beyond simply their immediate requirements – as market research will work best for you when you incorporate it within your longer term planning,” Rod emphasises.

“The team at FI Foresight will be happy to meet with you to look at how we can fulfil your needs. We are able to present a range of options from which a plan can be put in place which provides you with a low-cost, simple solution to streamline your research planning and meet all your budget requirements over a two year period.”

Want to familiarise yourself with our work first? You can whet your appetite with our Free Downloads, where you’ll find useful examples of the type of information we provide and see how it is structured and presented.

An ideal starting point is to download a copy of our Australian Foodservice Market Overview  or, for an insight into where Australia sits within the bigger picture, Global Foodservice Markets.

Each of these reports contains insights and practical information from which you can glean many useful nuggets.

Then consult our Research Planner for what else we can offer. Remember there are options available to suit all budgets – you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to gain valuable insights about your food market channel.