Quality Market Research is Essential

February 2019


“FI Foresight is at the forefront of Australia’s market research specialists and they really have their finger on the pulse of the foodservice market.” So says Eugene Visione, ex-Head of Foodservice for Cerebos Australia and now Head of Sales and Marketing for Birch & Waite Foods.  

Birch And Waite

Eugene’s professional association with FI Foresight Managing Director Sissel Rosengren goes back many years and he affirms that FI Foresight’s regular reports have been among the most important pieces of information that foodservice marketers such as himself can avail themselves of to extend their knowledge base and be better informed to make judgements. Shutterstock _158471492 (Medium)

“FI Foresight’s regular reports, as well as their bespoke services, have proven invaluable in providing the necessary background to inform the decision making process – such as what products to launch and when, where to focus our resources, and how to keep ahead of emerging marketplace trends.”

At Birch & Waite, Eugene has utilised FI Foresight’s Annual Foodservice Market Report as part of his information arsenal in the formulation of marketing strategy and tactical decision-making.

“The quality of FI Foresight’s information, not only in terms of the data itself but also the insightful analysis they are able to undertake as a result, can be an invaluable guide in helping foodservice marketers like myself to make the right decisions.”

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