New Social Media in Foodservice Report

April 2016

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Our new Social Media in Foodservice report examines the influence of social media on foodservice professionals. This qualitative research suggests that face to face communication with sales reps still remains the primary source of product and marketing information, even in the digital age. One reason may be that local suppliers have been slow to embrace social media as a marketing tool – although distributors are beginning to make inroads in this area.

The report explores the predominant social media platforms and how they are utilized in the Australian Foodservice industry. 79% of Commercial Foodservice operators and 65%of institutional operators are currently using social media for both non-work and work related social activity.

However are these communication channels working for suppliers to the Foodservice Industry? Are chefs utilising Social Media to source produce? How else are these platforms used and what is the future potential for social media in our industry?

This new Social Media in Foodservice Report is available as part of our Australian Foodservice Continuous Information Service, a two year subscription product that provides Market Outlook and Sizing, Outlet Number Databases, Market Size Databases by Product Category and much more (over 32 reports and databases).

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