The robots are coming..... No, they are here!

December 2018

From burger-flipping robots to the applications of Artificial Intelligence and delivery by drone, the advances in synthetic biology and genetic engineering and how they’re likely to impact on the food industry – these were some of the key insights featured in FI Foresight’s latest ‘Future of Foodservice’ Seminar.

World renowned futurist Craig Rispin was the keynote speaker at the event, which focused on emerging technologies, trackable trends and the impact of digital disruption to the marketplace, along with robotics, automation and structural changes already impinging upon the foodservice market we know today. Cafe -X Robotic Barista DSC_0023 (Small)

“When you start to drill down into what’s already happening, the advances in technology that are here now and set to impact the market, it’s clear the rate of evolution will be unprecedentedly exponential,” says FI Foresight Director Rod Fowler.

“Developments over the past 12 months alone – since we last hosted a ‘Future in Foodservice’ seminar – have been such that we were able to include a lot of new content on the opportunities that are opening up for the foodservice sector as a result of the changes looming on the horizon.”

The ticketed event included a Q&A session where attendees were able to quiz featured futurist Craig Rispin for additional insights and information.

If you weren’t able to attend, if attending has whetted your appetite for additional information, or if you’d simply like to keep up to speed with future developments in this area as they emerge, you can access the expertise of our speakers Craig, Rod and Sissel on a regular basis via our Foodservice Business Leaders Mentoring Group which meets regularly. Why not book now to attend your first free session?