FI FORESIGHT’S Trend Data showcased at Fine Food 2018

December 2018

FI Foresight’s Trend Zone initiative at the industry’s premier trade event Fine Food 2018 generated a positive response from attendees who gained valuable insights and a chance to survey some of our latest data on the market.

Interactive displays, such as graphic demonstrations of Australia’s food market sizing and information relating to our identified Top Ten Trends, were complemented by four days of free seminars which examined current and emerging trends in more detail and offered expert analysis along with question and answer sessions.

If you missed out on attending the Trend Zone at Fine Food 2018, you can access the Seminar Series materials free of charge at the FI Foresight website.

“We had a lot of positive feedback from foodservice operators, who of course comprise the majority of Fine Food attendees,” said FI Foresight Managing Director Sissel Rosengren.

“They affirmed that this is exactly the type of information they’re very hungry for and they found our insights interesting and enlightening.”

 So much so that the FI Foresight team found that some visitors to Fine Food made multiple visits to the Trend Zone Seminar Series – coming back each day to attend the same seminar presentation several times over, gaining additional insights each time.

 “This really shows both us and the Fine Food organisers that there is a strong interest in this kind of information,” Sissel pointed out.

“The audience interaction during the Seminar Series was strong and they also expressed appreciation and awareness of the fact that our data is very much underpinned by market research.

“It’s not just anecdotal, it’s not an unrepresentative sample of the market which doesn’t provide an accurate reflection of trends, and it’s not artificially skewed to support a pre-existing assumption. It’s backed up by the whole science of statistical analysis and that gives it a solid grounding and reliability.”

With the success of the inaugural Trend Zone, the FI Foresight team is looking forward to expanding this kind of educational component across future trade shows and other events which provide the opportunity to reach out to the market.