Today is White Wine Day!

August 2021

The 4th of August is National White Wine Day in Australia! Celebrate carefully! 

White Wine Day Updated

There are eleven primary types of white wine, but in Australia, Sauvignon Blanc has remained the most popular over 12 years, according to Statista. 

White wine generally contains less alcohol than reds, largely because it has less tannins. Unlike reds, white wine grapes never make contact with their skin (where tannins are found) during the fermentation process. Some whites come from red grapes, because it’s the contact between grape and skin which turns wine red. Blance or bianco varieties of Cabernet and Sangiovese are prime examples of white wines produced with red grapes. White wines also often contain less calories than reds, although this isn’t the case for sweet whites such as Mascato or Gewürztraminer. Whites pair best with poultry, seafood, cheese, salad and light pasta and bread. 

Wine Australia shows Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc were the top white grapes crushed in 2020. Sauvignon Blac, Sparkling White and Chardonnay were the top-selling varieties in off-trade in Australia by value in 2018-2019. 

How will you celebrate White Wine Day?