Did Winston Churchill predict Lab Grown Meats?

February 2020

Apparently so and it was way back in 1931 well before he became famous! 

Winston Churchill Quote (1)











And if you still think it is a long way off becoming a commercial reality, well you are wrong. Further below, you will find one of the first real commercially viable Lab Grown Meats being sold at $USD 57.99/lb. That is USD$127.80 per kilo. 

OK, it is still a bit expensive, but it is pure Kobe or Wagyu Beef with supposedly excellent taste and created using minimal resources and energy.

This is just one of many new products being created by innovative startups using Cellular Agriculture that has the ability to create 1 ton of meat every 14 weeks in a brewery style setup. The savings in time, land, water, infrastructure and eventually cost are dramatic!



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