Venessa Barnes

Foodservice Specialist
Food Logic

To consider navigating through the turbulence of an unstable market without relevant and up to date, detailed data would be considered a missed opportunity! FoodLogic have leaned into the expertise of Food Industry Foresight for guidance and reassurance when making critical business decisions about the future. Sissel and Rod have this unique ability to take insights and apply language which creates a connection. The reports released by Food industry Foresight during Covid have been of immeasurable use. Business success is elevated when you understand the data and drivers, this is exactly what Food Industry Foresight delivers.

Minnie Constan

Event Director
Fine Food Australia

“Whether it’s planning the educational content for the Fine Food Expo, introducing new segments or for a sanity check on market trends, I turn to Food Industry Foresight. The reports are an independent, trusted and credible source of data that I rely on to make informed decisions.”

Geoff Hunter

General Manager
Hobart Food Equipment
Australia & NZ

“On behalf of my executive team, I wish to convey our sincere gratitude to BIS Foodservice (now Food Industry Foresight) for providing our business with such a brilliant market study. The Market Study Report covering market size, market shares and competitor analysis was outstanding. Additionally, the Report’s inclusion of buyer behaviour, market segment trends and key issues driving the purchasing decision of our customers ensures that our future planning shall be based on solid facts. Thank you for being so professional, demonstrating a urge depth of experience in the Food Service market and providing Hobart market intelligence which is of extraordinary value.”

Tim Lucas

Marketing Manager Foodservice Tip Top
Division of George Weston Foods

“I’d like to thank Sissel and her team on delivering an excellent report into the Australian bakery market. The private research study has provided us with valuable market sizing, competitor share and product trend information; which is now being used to shape our foodservice strategy. It also comes at a vital time when the wider business is conducting a comprehensive review of our product portfolio. There is no doubt that the report will provide us with a significant competitive advantage. Thanks again Sissel, Tim and the team.”

Pat Stobbs

Country Business Manager
Nestlè Professional

“BIS Foodservice (now Food Industry Foresight) has been an excellent resource for Nestlè Professional over a number of years. Their research and detailed insights have provided opportunities and highlighted issues within the foodservice industry which help shape the direction of our business. They consistently provide data that is clear and reliable allowing Nestlè Professional to clearly chart a direction for future success based on sound insight. I would highly recommend their service to enhance the knowledge and expertise of any business.”

Mark Gabites

KC Bakery

“I have had the pleasure of working with Sissel and the Food Industry Foresight team for many years. Each business that we have utilised the their data and has flourished on the back of informed decision making. Annually we cross reference the Food Industry Foresight data with our internal sales data which makes decision making very easy based on the market trends compared to our business performance. Over the past three years we have had major success in new channel development which has been a direct result of the data presented by Sissel and the team. The data has also enabled us to react very quickly to market trends in regards to NPD and launching targeted products that are emerging or current. I would recommend Food Industry Foresight to any business that wants to make informed decisions utilising accurate transparent data.”