Interactive Dashboards

NEW in 2024, Foodservice Data visualisations with interactive dashboards


Say goodbye to static reports and hello to dynamic visualisation covering market size, outlet numbers, product usage by channel and much more!

Every marketing or business develop manager in foodservice need answers to these questions to support their planning and operational decisions.

We specialise in finding the answers.



  1. What is the available market for my product(s)?
  2. What is my market share?
  3. Who buys my product?
  4. How do they use my product?
  5. Where do they order my product?
  6. What made them choose our product?
  7. What made them choose our competitor’s product?
  8. How well is our brand recognised?
  9. How well are our distributors performing?
  10. What has changed in the last 12 months?


Foodservice in Australia is very fragmented with over 2,000 distributors and suppliers, the largest of which only handles about 9% of total volume.  We have been tracking and measuring the Australian Foodservice Market for over 30 years and our proprietary data model, methodology and experience can give you the insights you need.

Not sure how to approach finding the answers? Give us a call for a initial discussion or book a Discovery Workshop where we work through the opportunities and methodology to regularly bring you the specific data to support your business.

Our updates across our suite of foodservice market reports, are now available via new interactive dashboard versions that will allow users to filter and create their own data views.

May 13, 2024
Answers to the 10 BIG QUESTIONS in FOODSERVICE now being delivered via interactive dashboards from 2024.