Dive into foodservice data like never before with new interactive dashboards!

Interactive Dashboards

NEW in 2024, Foodservice Data visualisations with interactive dashboards 


Say goodbye to static reports and hello to dynamic visualization covering market size, outlet numbers, product usage by channel and much more!

As we publish new updates across our suite of foodservice market reports, we will be releasing new interactive dashboard versions that will allow users to filter and create their own data views.

Dashboards Filters

Key trend indicators, KPIs, graphs and charts providing clearer data views.

Use filters to create the view that you need.

Call us to arrange a demonstration of the new interactive dashboard versions of our Australian Foodservice Market Size Reports.

May 1, 2024
Interactive Dashboards
New in 2024, dynamic data visualisations and dashboards making it easier and clearer to filter and view the data you really need.